A Guide To Buying A Bag

The use of bags is growing in popularity. A couple of years ago the AW15’s runway was filled with oversized, elaborate bags and since then their use has grown exponentially. With this growth has come a new range of styles and trends and staying on top of the latest designs can be hard. Instead of trying to play catch up look for a bag which works for you everywhere, something multifunctional.


Most of us are guilty of wanting more space just because we can. The first question to ask yourself is, how big do I really need it? Larger bags weigh more and more space isn’t always beneficial. Think about your most used items and buy a bag to hold these. If you carry your laptop think of choosing a backpack or a bag with an inbuilt laptop sleeve. Backpacks are one of the fastest growing designs, the re-invent of the ‘hipster’ image is making them popular, but more so our the increased amount of ‘stuff’ we carry is giving them new purpose.

Close photo of the Darwin Leather Backpack handle


What you intend to use your bag for is very important, is it a work bag, gym bag or to be used as part of your outfit. Surprisingly many people forget the importance of function. As a quick guide we suggest the below styles should be used as  follows:

  • Backpack – Fashion item, commuter trips, holidaying, physical activities (i.e. walking)
  • Duffle Bag – Commuter trips, gym bag, business trips, holidaying, weekend away, office bag
  • Weekender – Business trips, weekend away, holidaying
  • Tote Bag – Fashion item, office bag, commuter trips, business trips
  • Drawsting – Fashion item, holidaying, physical activities, commuter trips


The important question to ask is whether you need your arms free. If so, select either a backpack or bag with a shoulder strap.

Kurtis Paul Cromwell Leather Duffle Bag


We understand the importance of fashion, of course we do, we’re a fashion brand, but more important than fashion is choosing a material which suits your use. The good news is that improvements in materials are making them much more versatile, meaning you can worry less.

Leather is, in my opinion, the perfect material. I love leather due to its natural properties. Leather is one of the few products which gets better with time, wear and tear starts to show and the hide softens giving an aged effect. Leather bags are a great choice, their luxury appearance means you don’t have to worry about feeling under dressed.

Leather does have its drawbacks, this natural material requires a certain level of care to keep it in good condition. Leather bags cannot take as much abuse as other materials. That is where canvas comes in. Canvas is a thick, woven cotton fabric. It’s hard wearing fibres make it more durable and tolerant of mis-use. Canvas fabric is also more forgiving than its leather counterpart, it has a degree of flex and stretch so it moulds more freely over items.


Above all else is your personal taste, there is no point purchasing a bag which you don’t like the look of. Select a design which you would feel comfortable wearing, after all, thats the most important thing.


If have any questions or need help choosing the right design feel free to get in touch. Our designers would be more than happy to help.

Kurtis Paul Cromwell Leather Duffle Bag with shoulder strap
Kurtis Paul Darwin Leather Backpack
Kurtis Paul Alfred Dark Brown Leather Weekend Bag
Kurtis Paul Sherlock Leather Tote Bag with Shoulder Strap

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