About Us

Kurtis Paul, founded in 2015 by two brothers from Manchester, England.


In late 2014 we were both working for big corporate machines, travelling the country living out of bags. We noticed that we were frequently buying new bags as our old ones broke. We took to the market and were surprised at how shallow it was. On one side was the super expensive, where 50% of the cost was for the label. On the other were the high street chains; selling at a cheap price, but lacking quality. Noticing a gap in the market, somewhere you could purchase high quality at a reasonable price, we decided to set up shop and create the Kurtis Paul fashion brand.


With an interest in fashion and design we have an eye for detail, an obsession you can expect from any of our products. We recognise the importance of quality materials and build our bags using only the best.


Being a reasonably small, family business, our customers can expect a service of high quality. We don’t have highly complex structures of processes, we are at the heart of our company and as such are able to flex and adapt to your needs. We know the experience doesn’t stop at the checkout; so neither does our service. We want you to get the most of your purchase and are happy to assist in any way we can. Our blog contains posts with detailed guides on caring for your bag, protecting your investment and information to ensure you chose the right product for you.


At Kurtis Paul we think big, we think bold and we dare to be different. It is our aim to create fresh, innovative products in a sustainable way.

Lloyd Rayner

Co-founder and designer at the Kurtis Paul fashion brand.

Fuelled by creativity I have a desire to bring style into the world.
Born in Manchester, England I have a passion for industrial design. I love the heavy duty, oversized look and the space which comes with it. From a young age I was infatuated with building and creating, we laugh about it around the dinner table but to keep me entertained at the age of 5 my mother would sit me down with some cardboard and sellotape. I would be entertained for hours.
This creativity hasn’t faded with the year and although I have moved on from cardboard I am still at my happiest when designing.

Kurtis Rayner

Co-founder and designer at the Kurtis Paul fashion brand.

I have always seen myself as a bit of perfectionist, constantly seeing items from clothes to bags and more and imagining what I could do to enhance and make the items unique. Since launching Kurtis Paul it has given me the opportunity to design high quality bags from scratch, ensuring every little details is finished off to a tee. I am constantly using my imagination to come up with unique and new designs as this is when I am at my best.

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