Accessorize, It Helps With First Impressions

In recent times the role of the modern man has changed. Men are nowadays seen to be taking more care of themselves. Accessorizing and styling in ways which would put older generations to shame. The use of accessories is a way we can individualise, personalise and differentiate ourselves from the crowd. Standing out is our best asset, regardless of the circumstances.

We all know how important first impressions are and according to research it only takes 7 seconds for someone to make their first impressions of us. Within that 7 seconds a variety of things are considered, we are studied intently. How is our posture, our body language. How are we dressed, is our attire fitting with the environment, are we over or under dressed. As they say “you never get a second chance to make first impressions”.

Interestingly, many of our behaviours and emotional states can be influenced by how we are dressed. In particular how we feel about how we are dressed. Research conducted by Columbia University and California State University found that clothing had a significant impact on cognitive processing.”Formal clothing made people feel more powerful…. formal clothing might improve your mood if you feel good in the clothing and think it looks good”. I am sure this research won’t come as a shock and we can all relate to a time when being dressed in a certain way made us feel different. Maybe it was the first time you wore that new shirt or your Kurtis Paul leather bag.

In addition to the psychological effects of dressing right is how it impacts peoples perceptions of us. I remember a colleague I worked with many years ago, he was one of the smartest people I have come across but regardless of his intellect he always struggled with meeting people and how they perceived him. He had long, un-groomed hair, his shirt was rarely ironed and his shoes never polished. People were unable to look past his appearance. Psychological programming leads us to make stereotypes and peoples stereotypes indicate ‘poor appearance = lack of education, ability and value’. One simple change and he would have had an easier time achieving success.

In a formal setting, assuming you are wearing the right suit, it can be much more difficult to stand out and give a better first impression than everyone else. Formal introductions tend to be a repeat of the black suit, white shirt combination. This is where the use of accessorizing is important. Accessorizing shows attention to detail. Is this man the sort who puts on a suit because its required or is he the sort who is in his natural setting when wearing one. Accessorizing can take many different forms from the leather sleeve you use to protect your laptop to the duffel bag you were carrying when you walked in.

There is no written formula for accessorizing, it is the time to show your personality. Be as bold as you dare, but remember, feel good wearing it as this will impact your cognitive state. The fashion experts here at Kurtis Paul are constantly releasing their latest fashion tips, take a look at our blog to keep up to date and for any questions please contact us.


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