Caring for your Canvas bag

The idea of a canvas bag is that it can be used for everyday activities. With its comfort and hard wearing nature this type of bag isn’t meant to be kept in a closet collecting dust. Just like any other fabric, over time, if the bag isn’t looked after properly, it can become damaged. Some simple steps can be followed to ensure your bag is looking at its best for the long haul.


  • Where possible keep your bag off hazardous surfaces. Rocky ground and sharp stones can cause the fabric to rip. I know avoiding putting your bag down isn’t practical, but where possible take your time when placing it down as this can help prolong that ‘new bag’ look.
  • If there is any dirt on your bag wait until it dries out and use a soft, clean brush and gently rub the area. This will remove any basic dirt without damage. Under no circumstances do you put your bag in the washing machine, this can cause discolouration and possible shrinking.
  • The outer canvas of our Kurtis Paul bags are water resistant, therefore able to withstand a fair amount of exposure to water. If you are unfortunate enough to get caught in a downpour that leaves your bag dripping wet, empty its content and leave to dry naturally. Do not try speeding up the process in any way, such as using a hairdryer.
  • Your bag may have a number of different materials, such as leather or metal zips. For full details on caring for leather, check out our post. To give you a quick overview, leather straps or tags can be treated with leather wipes. As with canvas, leather should be left to dry naturally, avoid using chemicals as they can cause discolouration. Zips can also be looked after to maintain there shine by frequently cleaning with water, remembering not to wet the other elements of the bag.
  • For you perfectionists out there, commercial sealers or fabric protectors can be purchased to keep your bags in tip top condition. Always apply to a small discreet part of the bag in the first instance so you can check for any discolouration. Make sure you apply these according to the products instructions.
  • Finally, for any general stains, treat this with a commercial fabric cleaner or blot with water and a soft cloth.

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We all know a canvas bag is meant to be used, its stylish appearance and durable demeanour make it a bag for any occasion. Consider canvas type and thickness when choosing your bag, a thicker, tighter knit fabric will be harder wearing. We suggest a duck weave with a thickness of 18oz or greater. Remember the purpose of a bag is convenience, and you won’t keep it perfect forever but with basic care and a little common sense you can keep it looking great.

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