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Leather is an animal skin and just like our own skin, it ages with time. With regular use, handling and weather, leather looses moisture. As the hide dries out it is more likely that the fibres, which make up the surface, crack and break. Replenishing moisture isn’t difficult and deserves the attention it requires.

The simple steps below can ensure your bag stays in top condition and give you many years of use.


Unfortunately scratches cannot be prevented and in most cases these scratches can add to the aesthetics of your bag. If you do not like the aged effect it is recommended that you keep your bag away from sharp objects, in particular those made of metal, paying attention when putting the bag down and placing it on the ground.

To give your leather bag the best chance of avoiding scratches, leather protectants can be purchased. They can be found at many supermarkets and local leather shoe shops. These protectants add a layer to your leather, making it more durable.

Note that applying any form of polish to leather, even those which are clear, there is a high chance they will alter the colour of your bag. It is suggested that you test the protectant on a small area before applying to the whole bag.


Like most natural materials, leather is permeable and susceptible to damage from the elements. As such, avoid taking your favourite Kurtis Paul leather bag into bad weather, there is a high chance it will get wet!

Although weather damage is never 100% preventable, there are solutions available to reduce damage. Beeswax creams can be applied as a barrier against the weather. As per the above note, applying any cream to leather may alter the colour.

For easier application, spray protectors can be purchased. These sprays are not as effective as the beeswax but in may cases are less likely to affect the colouring.

Should your favourite bag get wet, and we know it does happen, all is not lost. We suggest gently wiping the bag with a dry, soft, cloth and allowing the bag to dry naturally. Avoid using any direct heat, such as a radiator or a hairdryer as this will cause further damage. As leather gets wet it softens, applying direct heat to leather causes it to dry too quickly, making it brittle and more susceptible to leather fibres breaking. If possible we recommend reshaping the bag whilst it dries, simply stuff the bag with newspaper whilst it dries to prevent the leather drying misshapen.


Leather can be cleaned using a warm damp cloth. Ensure the cloth is soft so not to scratch the leather and make sure the cloth is damp, not wet. You do not want to cause water damage to the bag.

Wipe the bag gently with the cloth, avoiding too much pressure. Excessive pressure may remove the leather finish. Leather should be treated with care and given the time required to clean properly.

Do not apply any bleaches, cleaning products or detergents to leather as these may upset the natural properties of the leather and cause discolouration.


Leather is made from living hide and needs to breath. It is advisable not to store in a plastic bag or container, store in a dry place to prevent the growth of mould.

To keep your leather bag free from dust damage they can be stored inside cloth bags.


At Kurtis Paul we are committed to ensuring you get the most from your bag, we are always here to answer any questions you may have and happy to share our knowledge.

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