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  • The Stigma of the ‘Man Bag’

    There has long been a stigma associated with the term ‘man bag’. The perceived image is of a very feminine product more often than not only worn by those in the homosexual community. In the past few years this perception has changed, there has been a cultural shift between the homo and heterosexual communities and [...] Continue Reading
  • Your Guide To Packing The Perfect Beach Bag

    Summer is upon us, the weather is slowly improving and the dark nights are now just a distant memory. With the warmer weather comes the most important event in many calender's, the summer holiday! In most cases booked several months in advance this is something that all of us look forward too, it is our time [...] Continue Reading
  • What To Look For In A Weekend Bag

    Sometimes deciding on a new purchase can be difficult, there are so many options to choose from. To help you select your next weekend bag we have compiled a list of questions and some hints on what to look for. Before we start, weekend bags can be referred to under many different names. Generally the following [...] Continue Reading
  • Winter Holiday: Planning For A City Trip

    Life is to be lived, the world is meant for exploring and for those living in the Northern Hemisphere Christmas is the perfect opportunity for a well deserved city break. Having travelled more than my fair share I wanted to share my top tips for a winter city break. DESTINATION Location is everything when it [...] Continue Reading
  • Perfect For The Beach

    Beach vacations became popular in Britain in the late 18th century. Since then its popularity has been spread worldwide. Whether soaking up the summer sun or splashing around in the waves a visit to the beach is your time to relax and free your mind. Its tranquil surroundings and undisturbed views makes it one of [...] Continue Reading
  • Why We Love Canvas

    Over the years canvas has taken many different forms. It is a hard wearing, durable material and is utilised when these characteristics are required. Some of the most common roles are in the creation of items such as tents, marquees and of course bags. Due to its sturdy nature at Kurtis Paul we truly love [...] Continue Reading
  • A Guide To Buying A Bag

    The use of bags is growing in popularity. A couple of years ago the AW15's runway was filled with oversized, elaborate bags and since then their use has grown exponentially. With this growth has come a new range of styles and trends and staying on top of the latest designs can be hard. Instead of [...] Continue Reading
  • Different Styles Of Bags

    When designing our bags we think about how they will be used, we hold that thought and ensure the bag perfectly fulfils the function. Detailed below are four different styles of bag and why they contain the design elements they do. Backpack The backpack, a great bag for situations where carrying isn't an option. The [...] Continue Reading
  • The Release Of Canvas

    To pre-empt the launch of our canvas collection we thought we would give you a sneak preview of what is to come. As you can probably guess from the title, this new collection will be made from canvas material. But this isn't any ordinary canvas, we have selected a 20oz plain weave fabric, bags of this kind [...] Continue Reading
  • Caring for your Canvas bag

    The idea of a canvas bag is that it can be used for everyday activities. With its comfort and hard wearing nature this type of bag isn't meant to be kept in a closet collecting dust. Just like any other fabric, over time, if the bag isn't looked after properly, it can become damaged. Some simple steps can be [...] Continue Reading