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  • The Stigma of the ‘Man Bag’

    There has long been a stigma associated with the term ‘man bag’. The perceived image is of a very feminine product more often than not only worn by those in the homosexual community. In the past few years this perception has changed, there has been a cultural shift between the homo and heterosexual communities and [...] Continue Reading
  • How To Keep Your Skin Clear

    Although acne and spots are predominantly associated with teenagers, they actually affect men of all ages and skin tones. According to experts there are a number of reasons why your skin can be prone to acne and spots - stress, lifestyle and your diet are some. No matter your age they are unsightly annoying and [...] Continue Reading
  • What Is Beard Oil?

    Beard fashion is nothing new so why have beard oils only recently become the 'in thing'? Male grooming is become more and more accepted and men are taking must more care of their physical appearance than they did in previous times. As grooming increases so does the demand on new products. One such product being [...] Continue Reading
  • Grooming Perfection

    Male grooming is at a record high. No longer do daily routines just consist of brushing our teeth and throwing water on our face. In fact in today's society many routines include facial scrubs, moisturisers and for the first time ever some rumour that males care more about their hair then females. As it rightly should [...] Continue Reading
  • Top 5 European Destinations 2017

    January is peak season for holiday bookings, and for good reason. Christmas has just passed and the post-season blues are starting to set in. Naturally people want something to look forward to and this is where the holidays comes in. To help take the pressure off we have joined up with TripAdvisor to bring you the [...] Continue Reading
  • How To Make Valentine’s Day Special For Her

    Gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. A day dedicated to the love birds and for showing that special person how much they really mean. You best be ready! Over the years giving gifts has become part of this tradition. Whilst we agree that giving gifts is a new gesture, we believe Valentines is meant for much more. […]

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  • Men’s Valentines Gift Ideas

    Women of the world, no pressure but Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Good news is that despite popular believe Valentine's Day isn't about the presents, it's a day for romance, forgiveness and a darn lot of lovin! How did Valentine's Day start? Valentine's Day is a very old tradition, thought to have originated from the [...] Continue Reading
  • New Year, New Start

    It’s that time of year again when we are trying to shake off them post-Christmas blues. All presents have been opened and its almost time to take down the decorations. Now that the big day has passed our attention needs to be turned to the New Year, and what we want to achieve in 2017. January […]

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  • Christmas Is Coming…

    It’s hard to believe but Christmas is less than a week away! The tree is up, the lights are out, the cards have been sent and the last minute panic has truly set in. If not managed in the correct way the festive period can be a stressful one. Not only do you have to […]

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  • Christmas Gifts For Her

    Choosing the perfect Christmas gift for that special woman in your life isn’t always easy. In some cases she will provide you with a wish list. If she does take our advise and stick to it religiously! However, if you have been left to your own devices and are struggling to find that ideal present […]

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