Choosing the right bag for you!

In recent generations the way us males look after our appearance has boomed, instead of waking up and throwing the nearest thing on, our wardrobes are now filled with the freshest gear! From our shoes to the bag we carry, how we portray our appearance has a lot to say about the person we are inside. Male bags in todays society are no longer seen as awkward fashion killing items, in fact, far from it. Available in many styles and sizes from unique hard wearing canvas to the highest quality of leather, they are now seen as a valued asset in our wardrobes. However, there are still many questions asked around what is the ‘right bag’ for me? We will take a quick look into the type of bags there are out there and what is their purpose, hopefully with the outcome of finding the perfect bag for you.


This really is a bag for any occasion, manufactured in a range of different styles and sizes, this type of bad defines the word multipurpose. Due to the size of a duffel bag and its diversity, this form of bag is perfect whenever you need to carry more then just the usual mobile and wallet, no matter what the occasion, a business trip, a long weekend away or a hard graft in the gym here at Kurtis Paul we have made sure we have you covered. Let’s have a look into the main and best purposes of a duffel bag.

  • Travel: Duffel bags are a must have item for travelling as they make your belongings easy to access, and they’re also lightweight, making them easy and comfortable to carry. Be conscious if you are purchasing this type of bag for the purpose of hand luggage that you check the size!
  • Gym: Duffel bags are ideal for the regular gym goers because they’re spacious and easy to clean. They can hold a lot of items from gym clothes, a towel, spare clothes and all your toiletries. Furthermore, duffel bags generally fit into gym lockers so anything you are carrying can lock away and ensure its all safe.
  • Business: Whether you need to store a laptop or important files, many duffel bags out there do have separate pockets to keep these items safe. Further to this at Kurtis Paul we have a range of stunning leather duffel bags for that little extra style to match your environment.
Kurtis Paul Cromwell Mens Leather Duffle Bag


Hands free, no fuss and surprisingly capable of holding a fair amount of stuff, the backpack is ideal for travellers, students and the everyday casual man! Again just like the duffel bag the backpack can be selected in a range of styles and sizes. For the traveller a hard wearing thick canvas bag may be the best option as this will be your most durable. For you students and casual men the choice is yours, you will find with the backpacks we offer are specious, comfortable to carry and surprisingly lightweight. So whether your preference is leather or canvas here at Kurtis Paul we ensure that your choice of bag will only enhance and not hinder your appearance.

Kurtis Paul Darwin Mens Leather Backpack


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