Christmas Is Coming…

It’s hard to believe but Christmas is less than a week away! The tree is up, the lights are out, the cards have been sent and the last minute panic has truly set in. If not managed in the correct way the festive period can be a stressful one. Not only do you have to make sure everyone’s present is accounted for but if it’s your turn to host the big day then preparations are already in full swing. I wish I could provide you with the information to ensure your Christmas runs smoothly however it may be a little early for a Christmas miracle. So instead I have put together a plan to make sure everything is accounted for.

-Presents – It may sound a little odd as I’m sure you know who you should be buying for, but write down a list of everybody you need to buy for and tick them off as they are sorted. This way you will prevent any uneasy conversations around the dinner table.

-Wrap in advance – Instead of leaving this till Christmas eve why not be a little prepared and get this done nice and early. This will help you focus on other important aspects and reduce stress before the big day.

-Food and Drink – Again don’t leave this to the last minute. If you head out on Christmas eve and can’t find that vital ingredient then it’s on you! Stock up early and remember to order your turkey!

-Cleaning – This time of year is all about family and with that you can be sure to receive many random drop-ins from your loved ones. My advise would be to spend half a day tidying the house before Christmas and keep it in good shape throughout the festive period.

With a little bit of preparation and organisation Christmas doesn’t need to be stressful.


Finally Lloyd and Kurtis of Kurtis Paul would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, we hope it is filled with love and you enjoy the festive period.

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