3 Clear Signs Of Ageing

Ageing is one of those things we all pray won’t happen but deep down know its an inevitability. Not a nice thought I know. We hit that stage where others see a difference in our appearance and it can be a real knock to our confidence. Although there is no way of stopping it completely, there are steps that can be taken to stem the tide.

Improvements in science and technology have led to a rise in treatments and surgeries. Take for instance Botox. Whilst this is more common with females there has been a rise in male treatments. Personally I am a firm believer for a little more of a nuanced approach, but the decision is yours. Here are the 3 most obvious signs of ageing and how we can begin to apply the brakes.


Males have began to embrace going grey and style there hair and beards with a stubbornness, making it a statement. A perfect example being George Clooney. For those not wanting this style, there is no way of slowing down going grey. It can be hereditary and happen in your 20s but there is an easy and clear solution… dye it.

TIP: Dye can produce an un-natural look when applied to the full head, instead use a fine comb to subtly blend the dye into areas of the hair that have lost colour. This will produce a more natural look.


Reseeding hairlines and thin hair is generally associated with mature males but surprisingly some form of hair loss affects up to 40% of men under 30. Treatments such as Regaine scalp form have been proven to give your hair a fighting chance. It contains a drug called Minoxidil which slows the progression of hair loss. Whilst these products are not 100% successful and will only slow hair loss, their relatively low price means they are cheap enough to try. Be aware that these are not miracle treatments and do take time to work.

A professional barbers can reduce the thinning ‘look’. Hair cut and styling can stop thinning patches being prominent. Ask your barbers for advise but in most cases the classic short, back and sides adds balance and takes the focus off the thinning top.


From our mid 20s most of us notice a few lines appearing on the forehead and around the eyes but don’t think much of it at the time. Gradually they become more frequent and defined until one day we look in the mirror and just like that our face is covered in wrinkles, making us look old and exhausted. The biggest elements that contribute to ageing of the skin are sun, stress and smoking. The dreaded S’s. In addition the consumption of sugar and alcohol can increase wrinkles, Avoiding this list can be difficult, if not impossible, but a healthy diet and frequent exercise can help. Furthermore, there are numerous moisturisers and anti-wrinkle creams which replenish lost nutrients with the aim of slowing skin ageing.


There are many factors that contribute to ageing and no matter what we do they can not be stopped. Ageing is one of the beautiful parts of life and being human, as we grow old our appearance reflects that. By treating yourself with a little care and taking some time for self grooming we can slow down the effects and can still look good. Ageing is natural and it does not mean we have to lose who we are. Our advise; be comfortable with how you look and style yourself with your individuality.


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