Different Styles Of Bags

When designing our bags we think about how they will be used, we hold that thought and ensure the bag perfectly fulfils the function. Detailed below are four different styles of bag and why they contain the design elements they do.


The backpack, a great bag for situations where carrying isn’t an option. The backpack is perfect for hiking or such activities. The two shoulder straps keep the arms free and distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders and back. Backpacks are made with a large central hold, used to store a majority of belongings, and external pockets to carry the most frequently used items.


A slight variation on the backpack is the drawstring bag. The drawstring is a more casual backpack, consisting of a single shoulder strap this is meant to be thrown over the shoulder and carried with informal intent. The drawstring bag has a single large hold and its lack of pockets makes it a great bag for the beach or gym.


The tote bag or modern workbag has a slim body. Shaped to keep documents and laptops upright. The short carry handles make it easy to continually pick up and put down (as you would in an office environment) and ensure the bag doesn’t swing too freely. The tote usually has a simple design and luxury material so not to clash with formal workwear.


The duffle bag contains many of the designs incorporated in other bags but with less intent, it was designed to be an all-rounder. It has a large central hold with pockets to separate certain items and the combination of both carry handles and shoulder straps. Allowing the wearer to decide how to carry. Duffle bags come in an array of sizes and it is best to chose a size which works for you. Smaller duffle bags are great to use in the office or for gym kit, larger duffles are used for weekends away or business trips.

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