Male grooming is at a record high. No longer do daily routines just consist of brushing our teeth and throwing water on our face. In fact in today’s society many routines include facial scrubs, moisturisers and for the first time ever some rumour that males care more about their hair then females. As it rightly should be, modern gentleman grooming is a major part of our lives. A well looked after male gives off the perception of being a dignified individual. Here at Kurtis Paul we believe if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. With that in mind we have put together our top tips to gain grooming perfection.


  • Do more than moisturise – Moisturising is key and should be done by everyone. Not only does it fight wrinkles, it also leaves your skin feeling and looking its best. But more can be done. Dark circles around your eyes and dry lips need more attention then what a moisturiser can give. We would recommend stocking up with a range of facial products all designed to target different areas.

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  • Use the same hairdresser – Having your haircut can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t got a trusted barber. Take the time to review hairdressers in your area and once you have found one you know is up to the task stick with them. Using the same barbers has the added benefits of them knowing your hair and how to cut it leaving you with the best results.
  • Floss daily – I’m sure you will agree with me when I say there is nothing more inviting then a beautiful smile. In many cases teeth maintenance is overlooked and it shouldn’t be. Along with brushing we recommend flossing your teeth daily.  By doing this you are protecting them against any plaque build up and leaving your mouth crystal clean.
  • Aftershave– No Matter the occasion, whether a business meeting or a casual get together with an old friend smelling great is a must. It leaves a positive impression on others around you and lets people know without saying a word you’re a man who knows his self worth.
  • Look after your hands – Looking good also stems to your hands. Keep your nails clipped and at a suitable length. To help against dry, cracked hands we would advise getting yourself a good moisturiser and apply several times a day.


Following these tips above will leave you with the best results. We hope this information has helped you and your grooming routines. If you have any other methods you use please leave a comment below.

Male Grooming Tips

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