Your Guide To Packing The Perfect Beach Bag

Summer is upon us, the weather is slowly improving and the dark nights are now just a distant memory. With the warmer weather comes the most important event in many calender’s, the summer holiday! In most cases booked several months in advance this is something that all of us look forward too, it is our time to get away from the stressful daily routines and enjoy quality time with family and friends. If you are anything like me then the best part of a summer holiday is the beach. Nothing beats the relaxing sounds of waves crashing against the shore whilst soaking up the summer sun.

Although the beach is a beautiful place it can be hazardous to our beloved items. It is essential we take a beach bag. A beach bag will make it easier to transport your items whilst protecting them.

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To help you enjoy your much deserved down time the Kurtis Paul team have pulled together a guide on how to pack your beach bag.

What to take to the beach?

Remember that the beach can be a hazardous place, sand finds its way into the most awkward of places, the salty sea water can be a killer for technology and thieves are always on the prowl. For trips to the beach you should only pack the nesessities.

  • A towel
  • Swim shorts / bikini
  • Sun cream
  • Drinks (and a lot of them)
  • Some entertainment (book, music, football…)

HINT: While your enjoying a dip in the sea it is easy for thieves to take your belongings. Remember, they won’t take what they what they don’t know you have. If you go away from your belongings keep them safe by hiding them under your towel.

How to pack?

The beach is a place for relaxation, not organisation. Chose a bag with a large hold and few (no) pockets. More pockets = more places for sand to hide.

Roll your towel into a tight sausage, place it at the bottom of your beach bag. This will act as a cushion and protect other items. Remaining content should be placed on top.

Don’t worry too much about packing items neatly, a beach bag is much more of a ‘grab and go’ bag. Something meant for unorganised packing.
We hope you enjoy your beach holiday, use this much deserved time to recoup, recover and regain your energy for the challenges that lie ahead.

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