Laptops – Don’t Ruin Their Beautiful Design

The invention of the laptop was genius; a small, compact computer you can take with you anywhere. Surprising the first laptop was created in 1981 and since this date continuous efforts have been made to improve performance and make them as practical as possible. In todays age they enhanced massively and their functions are endless. Along with this you can now find a vast array sizes and slick designs.

Kurtis Paul 13 inch Leather Laptop Sleeve / Case with Macbook Pro

Manufactures such as Apple spend both time and money on designing the appearance of there laptops, so I have an important question for you… Why would you cover your laptop in a case? Let me guess, for protection? Of course. It is a no brainier, you need to protect it. Here at Kurtis Paul we believe this doesn’t mean you need to ruin the beautiful design. Hence why we created our leather laptop sleeve.

We have created our laptop sleeve using a single sheet of high quality cattle leather, the laptop simply slides inside and flap is closed for protection. The idea behind our design is that when the laptop is in use there is no case, it’s free to showcase its appearance. But when you’re transporting or storing your laptop it is placed inside the leather sleeve protecting it from scratches and natural hazards.

We created it in a way that frees your laptop from any hard back cases. We opted for a simple and subtle look ensuring it will not clash with ones garments. Always giving off a classy, business like look. The material used is high quality cattle leather, it was an easy decision. Leather matures beautifully over the years meaning your Kurtis Paul leather laptop sleeve with serve you with many years of service.

Kurtis Paul 13 inch Leather Laptop Sleeve with Macbook Pro
Kurtis Paul 13 inch Leather Laptop Sleeve Logo

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