What To Look For In A Weekend Bag

Sometimes deciding on a new purchase can be difficult, there are so many options to choose from. To help you select your next weekend bag we have compiled a list of questions and some hints on what to look for.

Before we start, weekend bags can be referred to under many different names. Generally the following names can all be used for a weekend bag; suitcase, travel bag, duffle bag, overnight bag or weekender.

1. Do you want it hard or soft?

Travel bags can have either a hard or soft outer shell. As a rule of thumb bags with a hard shell are referred to as suitcases. The hard shell is designed to protect your luggage while the bag is in the hold of an airplane. If you intend on stowing your luggage it is best advised to choose something with a hard shell. Otherwise we suggest choosing a soft shell travel bag. The hard suitcases can be restrictive on contents whereas a canvas or leather weekend bag will be more flexible and will mold better to its content.

2. Material

Hard shell suitcases come in either plastic or metal, usually aluminium. Choosing between these materials is a matter of personal preference. Aluminium is more luxurious but either will give sufficient protection.

Soft shell weekend bags come in three materials: leather, canvas or nylon. Leather is the most luxurious and this is reflected in the higher price. Leather is the only material that gets better the more it is used, as leather is used the fibers loosen up and like skin it gets a wrinkled effect.

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Canvas is a very versatile material, its woven cotton fibers give it a lot of strength and allow it so carry a decent weight. Canvas is a very good material when looking for an upmarket casual bag, dependent on the color this material can really compliment an outfit.

Nylon is generally found at the lower end of the market although some upmarket brands are starting to use a thick nylon for some of their products. The fibers of nylon are thinner than that of canvas making it less hard wearing but this material is very easy to work with so you will find an array of different colors available.

3. Size Does Matter

Have an end use in mind when choosing a bag of the right size, too small and it won’t hold all of your belongings, too big and you may find yourself taking extra clothing just to fill the void. Plan out what items you would usually take for your trips. If you usually travel for a night or two a small to medium duffle will suffice. If you travel for longer or are taking clothing for more than one person and your going to need more space. To give you an idea, our Alfred weekender would be perfect for a long trip or a weekend break for two.

Kurtis Paul Cromwell Leather Duffle Bag with shoulder strap

4. Organisation

Buy for your personality. If your a ‘neat freak’ who likes everything in its own place we suggest buying a bag with different compartments. This also comes in handy when you don’t necessarily want to unpack in the hotel. Knowing that everything has a place means you can get to each item easily and without having to search for it. There are instances when too many compartments is bad. Too many compartments can cause ‘unusable space’. Pockets you can’t fill because your items are slightly too big. In out experience the best solution is to have one large central hold and 5-6 pockets on the inside lining all of varying sizes.

Kurtis Paul Alfred Dark Brown Leather Weekend / Overnight / Travel Bag

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