Male Grooming. The Essentials

Taking care of one’s self is not a new concept but has been taken to new heights in recent years. Never before has it been so accepted for men to groom and the boundaries between men’s and women’s care have blurred massively. The change in male grooming is partly the result of the media. Males are being portrayed differently than previously; celebrities are wearing makeup, nail varnish and ‘guyliner’. The consistent and continuous reinforcement of this image is making male personal care more expected. Personally, I think this culture shift is a positive one. It allows the modern gentleman to always look and feel his best.

The rise of personal care has come at a cost. Our bathrooms are now full of face creams, hair products and other grooming items. Hope is not lost, this post details the top products for male grooming and the essentials to keep in your wash bag, items you should keep with you if at home or on a night away.


Whatever your preference there is no disputing that soap or shower gel is a necessity. Nobody wants to smell or feel dirty.


The hair product industry has boomed in recent years and selection of which product to use is massive. As an overview there are 4 main types of male hair styling products: Gel, Wax, Putty / Paste and Styling Cream. Whatever your chosen product, keep this in your wash bag at all times, you wouldn’t want to go out with un-styled hair.


Every man should moisturise. No exceptions.


Be it cut throat, cartridge or electric razor keep this with you wherever you take your wash bag. You wouldn’t want to spent that 3 days business trip looking scruffy because you forgot your razor.


I think it goes without saying that a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss are mandatory.


Essential to feeling good is how you smell. Pack your favourite aftershave and deodorant. A great addition to the wash bag is the miniature aftershaves, these are available from most brands and stop you having to carry around chunky bottles.



  • Q-tips / Cotton buds
  • Nail clippers
  • Tweezers
  • Eye cream
  • Lip balm


When packing your wash bag for a trip, consider your destination. If travelling by air there are restrictions on the size of bottles, check with your aircraft company for their policy on liquids.


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