The Stigma of the ‘Man Bag’

There has long been a stigma associated with the term ‘man bag’. The perceived image is of a very feminine product more often than not only worn by those in the homosexual community. In the past few years this perception has changed, there has been a cultural shift between the homo and heterosexual communities and the lines between the two are starting to blur. We are seeing men’s luggage become the must have fashion accessory. This increased popularity was started by a craving amongst trend setters for new ways to personalise their style and to accommodate the demands of life. As we look for ways to optimise our busy schedules we see a shift between the classification of work and play. Gone are the days of a 9-5, 21st century working life is more of a mix. We seeing people taking hours out in the day for exercise, longer more flexible working hours and more socialising amongst the peer group. This shift has brought with it a demand to be ‘prepared’. Prepared with a spare gym kit for that lunch time run. Prepared with our laptop for times when we have a spare hour. Men’s luggage is helping perfectly to plug this gap, it is allowing men to be ready for any situation.

As the demands for high end men’s luggage increase so to do the options available. To help guide you to the correct choice of work/life luggage we have pulled together a list of the most used bags and where they are suited.

The Backpack

By far the best known design, the backpack is nothing new. With its double shoulder straps the backpack was created to provide an option for carrying items when the hands could not be used. This bag caters for many different uses and can be used for sports activities, travelling or as a simple fashion accessory. This bag is perfect if you cycle into work, it can be easily put on your back and is out of the way during the commute.


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The Duffle Bag

A favourite of the regular ‘gym goer’ or weekend traveller, the duffle bag is a multifunctional item. The large central compartment makes it ideal for carrying clothing. This bag is great for as an all-rounder, those who are looking for a bag that works in the office, the gym or on nights away.

The Tote / Messenger

Referred to as either a tote or messenger bag this style is growing in popularity. At Kurtis Paul we call this ‘The Modern Briefcase’, it’s stylish, modern design is something which we expect to replace the hard shell briefcase of the past. Generally smaller in capacity than other styles, this bag is designed to carry a laptop and work documents and generally fits a 15″ laptop and some A4 documents.


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The Weekender / Overnight Bag

Finally we come to the weekender, also referred to as an overnight bag. The weekender, as its name suggests, is intended to provide luggage for a weekends worth of clothing. The design of this bag is identical to that of the duffle, but larger in size.


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Kurtis Paul Mens Leather Backpack / Rucksack
Kurtis Paul Mens Canvas Duffle / Holdall / Weekend / Gym Bag in Cream
Kurtis Paul Designer Mens Leather Tote / Briefcase / Office bagKurtis Paul Designer Mens Leather Tote / Briefcase / Office bag

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