• What is a Modern Gentleman?

    In recent times the term 'modern gentleman' seems to have taken over the fashion world. Men are increasingly concerned with how they are portrayed. According to Wikipedia the definition of the term 'gentleman' is "any man of good, courteous conduct". Whilst I agree a gentleman should act in a polite and professional manner, I believe there [...] Continue Reading
  • Salford Quays – The Shoot

    'The Quays' is Manchester's waterfront home, a dockyard which opened in 1894. This heavy trade route was central to Manchester's industrial revolution, a route which opened Manchester up to direct trade. Allowing it to compete directly with Liverpool. Salford Quays declined throughout the mid-1900's until a regeneration project provided a whole new lease of life. [...] Continue Reading
  • Modelling Experience Opportunity

    Kurtis Paul is opening its doors and on the lookout for the next big talent. We are giving aspiring models the opportunity to gain real modelling experience with an up and coming international fashion brand. Kurtis Paul is a luxury mans fashion brand specialising in high quality bags and accessories. Aimed at the modern gentleman [...] Continue Reading
  • Canvas Bag Collection – Coming 2016

    Our beautifully designed Canvas Collection will be available 2016. Register your interest for 10% discount. [yikes-mailchimp form="2"] ABOUT THE AUTHOR Continue Reading
  • Spinningfields – The Shoot

    Manchesters newly developed business district; this formal area has been described as the "Canary Wharf of the North". Home to many FTSE companies, these streets are an oasis for the business man. This sea of suits allowed us to portray the formal side of Kurtis Paul. Our crafted leather collection was conceived with the vision [...] Continue Reading
  • Made in Manchester

    A proud northern company, Kurtis Paul has a strong Manchester heritage. Home to two Premiership football teams, a history of musical superstars and birthplace of the modern computer, Manchester is an integral part of the United Kingdom. Many elements of Manchesters' designs and cultures can be found within our products. The industrial architecture is mimicked [...] Continue Reading
  • Common Mistakes when Packing and Using a Bag

    People are constantly making 'school boy' errors whilst using or packing their bag and this misuse can cause damage. Lets take a look at the most common mistakes and how they can be avoided. Apply the following tips to ensure you get the most from your Kurtis Paul bag. OVER PACKING This is one of the biggest [...] Continue Reading
  • Caring for your Canvas bag

    The idea of a canvas bag is that it can be used for everyday activities. With its comfort and hard wearing nature this type of bag isn't meant to be kept in a closet collecting dust. Just like any other fabric, over time, if the bag isn't looked after properly, it can become damaged. Some simple steps can be [...] Continue Reading
  • The History of Leather

    Leather is one of man’s earliest and most important discoveries and it has always had a massive role in the history of civilisations. Going back to prehistoric times our great ancestors would use leather to protect themselves from the harsh conditions of life. They would hunt animals primarily for food and would recycle there skins for clothing [...] Continue Reading
  • Mens Bags – A Buyers Checklist

    How can you spot a good bag? Why does the price of a bag vary? What style should you chose? In this blog post we will break down the most common considerations when choosing a bag. Presenting them a section at a time so you can pick and chose which elements are most relevant for [...] Continue Reading