• Castleton – The Shoot

    Nestled within the Peak District is the tranquil town of Castleton. The small town, population of only 650, is a honey pot for local tourism. The rolling hills attract residents from the nearby Manchester, Leeds and other local cities. The picturesque cottages, small streams and exposed cliffs set the background to our May photo shoot. ABOUT [...] Continue Reading
  • The History of Canvas

    Canvas is a popular material. It's vercatilty lends it to a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from tents to sails and bags. It is an extremely durable, water resistant, plain-woven fabric and is perfect for making items when sturdiness is required. The word ‘canvas’ originates from the 13th Century and is derived from Anglo-French ‘canevaz’ [...] Continue Reading
  • Packing a Duffel

    We have all been in the situation, packing for a trip and there is only space for one pair of shoes. Which ones do you take, the brown loafers, black boat shoes and what about those running trainers. With a little thought and preparation packing need not be such a hassle. Pack right and you should [...] Continue Reading
  • Male Grooming. The Essentials

    Taking care of one's self is not a new concept but has been taken to new heights in recent years. Never before has it been so accepted for men to groom and the boundaries between men's and women's care have blurred massively. The change in male grooming is partly the result of the media. Males [...] Continue Reading
  • Canvas. How is it Made

    Canvas, like many other fabrics, has a long history. Dating back to 3,000 B.C. where it was used to construct sails, shelter and other such items. Original canvas was made from hemp but later changed to cotton due its durability. In modern times canvas is used for an array of different applications, the water resistance [...] Continue Reading
  • Compstall – The Shoot

    Located on the borders of the Peak District is the small village of Compstall. Originally developed to cater for the mill, Compstall village is a collection of small factory cottages dating back to the 1800's. The quaint village boasts the Etherow National Park, with tranquil lakes it made the perfect scenic background to our April [...] Continue Reading
  • The Weekender. What To Look For

    The 'Weekender' bag, taking its name from its purpose, is meant to provide enough carry space to hold a weekends worth of essentials. Shape and size can vary but generally you should ensure it is large enough to hold a few shirts, couple of pairs of shoes and any required toiletries. There are many different [...] Continue Reading
  • Accessorize, It Helps With First Impressions

    In recent times the role of the modern man has changed. Men are nowadays seen to be taking more care of themselves. Accessorizing and styling in ways which would put older generations to shame. The use of accessories is a way we can individualise, personalise and differentiate ourselves from the crowd. Standing out is our [...] Continue Reading
  • Leather. How is it Made

    THE HISTORY OF LEATHER Leather making is one of mans oldest activities and it's earliest recording is from 1300B.C. The use of leather throughout the ages has been an important one and its application has taken many different forms. Early leather use was to provide shelter and clothing. Huntsmen would use the skin of animals as [...] Continue Reading
  • Choosing the right bag for you!

    In recent generations the way us males look after our appearance has boomed, instead of waking up and throwing the nearest thing on, our wardrobes are now filled with the freshest gear! From our shoes to the bag we carry, how we portray our appearance has a lot to say about the person we are [...] Continue Reading