• Shave with a Cut Throat Razor

    SHAVE WITH A CUT THROAT Mastering the art of the cut throat is one of mans greatest accomplishments, we will all admit there is something thrilling about using a naked blade to achieve that extra close shave. The cut throat method was the most established way of shaving until the 1950s when the safety razors [...] Continue Reading
  • Quality of Leather

    QUALITY OF LEATHER How can one designer produce a duffel bag for £100 where as another produces one for £1,000? How can you tell the difference in quality between these bags? Which one is best value for money? Which one will survive the test of time?   There are so many things to consider when [...] Continue Reading
  • Northern Quarter – The Shoot

    The Northern Quarter, located, as the name suggests, to the north of the city centre. The alternative side to Manchester, the Northern Quarter has a trendy, relaxed culture. Crammed with bars, restaurants and a mix of small clothes shops, this side of Manchester is a popular destination for anyone looking for a good time. Remains [...] Continue Reading
  • Caring For Your Leather Bag

    CARING FOR YOUR LEATHER BAG Leather is an animal skin and just like our own skin, it ages with time. With regular use, handling and weather, leather looses moisture. As the hide dries out it is more likely that the fibres, which make up the surface, crack and break. Replenishing moisture isn't difficult and deserves [...] Continue Reading