New Year, New Start

It’s that time of year again when we are trying to shake off them post-Christmas blues. All presents have been opened and its almost time to take down the decorations. Now that the big day has passed our attention needs to be turned to the New Year, and what we want to achieve in 2017. January traditionally is the month we make promises to ourselves to better our life in the year ahead. Whether you’re planning on giving something up or doing something new it has become a ritual for many of us to set New Years resolutions.

Chances are that you have made resolutions in the past – and broke them. Making changes to your lifestyle and routine can be difficult. This years goals could be to push for that promotion at work, healthier eating or finally saying goodbye to the cigarettes; whatever it may be we believe there are 4 top tips to ensure this years resolutions stick!

  1. Be open about them – Don’t be afraid to tell people what changes you will be making in 2017. Letting family and friends know you’re allowing them to support and help you reach your goals. Psychologists have proven that declaring actions to others gives us a more concrete binding and makes us more likely to follow them through.
  2. Set targets – Instead of saying I’m going to give up smoking forever or I will go gym everyday till I get the body I want, we suggest setting weekly or monthly targets. By doing this your focus is on small goals rather than a finish line that seems impossible to reach.
  3. Reward yourself – Treating yourself is a good way of staying motivated and celebrating how far you have come. Choose to do something that you enjoy but that doesn’t contradict your resolution.
  4. Be realistic – This final point is very important. If your resolution is to loose weight for example setting yourself a target of loosing 4 stone by summer is unrealistic. The likelihood is it will get the better of you and leave you feeling your goal can’t be hit. Set achievable targets and once they have been hit keep pushing forward from there.


Self progression is an important part of our lives. We should continuously strive for better and push our bodies and minds into something new. Setting targets is just one way we can stay focused and ensure we hit our goals. We hope these tips keep you on track and wish you all the best for 2017 and the New Year.

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