Packing a Duffel

We have all been in the situation, packing for a trip and there is only space for one pair of shoes. Which ones do you take, the brown loafers, black boat shoes and what about those running trainers. With a little thought and preparation packing need not be such a hassle. Pack right and you should be able to take everything you need.
Let’s take a look at some good techniques to pack an efficient bag.

The Technique

1)      Use a duffel – Duffel bags are perfect for long weekends away. Whilst a hard suitcase does offer a lot of protection, which is great, their ridged shell limits the amount of usable space. Duffel bags expand and contract as needed, they shape around their content so they take up as much room as its content requires.

The duffle has historically been thought of as a casual bag, maybe something used for the gym. Designs are so varied nowadays that a duffel bag can add a lot of class to your trip. Chose a casual canvas or a luxurious leather and personalise to your style.

The Kurtis Paul Alfred Mens Leather Weekend Duffle Bag

2)      Be selective – When travelling we all wish we could take everything in our wardrobes to give us the flexibility of what we want to wear. But when we think about it in a logical manner, do we really need a different pair of pants for every day we are away? Do we really need 3 different pairs of brown shoes? I think not. Yes, feeling fresh and clean is important and I’m not saying wear the same outfit for the whole trip. Changing one aspect of your clothing can make a big change to your appearance. Select clothes which are interchangeable, mix and match. Be smart, wear your bulkiest items when travelling and carry a jumper (it could always be used as a pillow on the plane). Little things like this can help save space.

3)      Packing – Frequent travellers would agree that instead of folding your clothes, roll them. It is the most space efficient packing method. Not only will it provide more space but it helps to reduce creases. Make sure you are filling all crevices with small items such as chargers or a pair of socks. For added space fill the insides of shoes.

NOTE: Be aware that if travelling by plane there is usually a restriction on the volume of liquid allowed in hand luggage. Check with your flight provider for details.

So there you have it, the best techniques to packing effectively. A little planning and smart thinking goes a long way. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us. Why not share your own tips, we would love to hear from you.


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