Pencil Case and The Boardroom

Remember back to the days of being in school. The lesson is about to start, you take your pencil case, put it on the desk and get ready to learn. As the years have gone by we have forgotten about how useful such an accessory is. Maybe we have outgrown the childish design or no longer see a need to carry one. At Kurtis Paul we think it is about time the pencil case made a come back.

Kurtis Paul Stylish Leather Pencil Case

After years of meetings and boardroom sessions we can confirm the importance of first impressions. Research suggests it takes 7 seconds for us to form an opinion of someone and a majority of that opinion is based on physical appearance. This is where the pencil case comes in. We all want to be seen to be organised and professional and why wouldn’t we, it gives us credibility and gets people to listen to our opinion. Taking a pencil case into your workplace portrays such qualities. You take care of your belongings, keep things organised and plan ahead. These are all great first impressions.

Kurtis Paul Leather Pencil Case

We have designed our pencil case to maximise such qualities and revolutionise the thought that a pencil case is only an item for our children.

Leather Pencil Case

To overcome the childish stigma we crafted our pencil case from a single piece of high quality leather. Leather was chosen because its texture doesn’t clash with formal clothing and it embodies a classy image.

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Kurtis Paul Leather Pencil Case
Kurtis Paul Leather Pencil Case Logo
Kurtis Paul Adults Leather Pencil Case

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