Perfect For The Beach

Beach vacations became popular in Britain in the late 18th century. Since then its popularity has been spread worldwide. Whether soaking up the summer sun or splashing around in the waves a visit to the beach is your time to relax and free your mind. Its tranquil surroundings and undisturbed views makes it one of natures most peaceful locations.


Beaches in many cases are busy places and items can be easily misplaced, this problem has only got worse since the creation of modern technology. Fine grains of sand can cause damage to items such as mobile phones and iPads. Finding a suitable bag that can keep all your items together and safe whilst being comfortable and convenient has been a struggle. That is until now of course. We believe the Kurtis Paul drawstring bag is perfect for the beach.


Firstly our drawstring bag is made out of canvas. Canvas as a material is very dynamic and is known for its durable, hard wearing nature. This plain-woven fabric it is capable of withstanding a vast amount of pressure, shaping and flexing as required. Canvas has the natural strength to carry all the items required for the beach whilst giving enough protection to keep them safe. The tightly woven fibres provide a barrier against the smallest of sand grains.


A beach bag needs to be practical, easy access and maximum space is a must. The drawstring bag has been designed to maximise these characteristics. Its cylinder shape with large opening means towels, sunscreen and all your other beach essentials can be packed into this single compartment hassle free. For security and further protection we have created this bag with a cotton rope that is pulled to close the bag, not only does this keep your items safe it also means access is simple and fast.


Not only is this bag durable, spacious and practical, it has also been designed in a way that is fashionable. Heading to the beach is a casual outing but it doesn’t mean you can’t inject a bit of style. The Kurtis Paul drawstring bag is one that will not hinder fashion.  We have created the bag in a unique way by including only one strap, meaning it comfortably hangs off a single shoulder. Further personality has been added to the bag by printing a large KP logo on the front and a signature brown logo patch.

Kurtis Paul Drawstring Bag. The perfect beach bag

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