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Darwin – Leather Backpack



Conqueror of the world and master of his universe, this man is equipped to overcome any obstacle. He is smart and portrays a sense of confidence. Fashionable but with a level of practicality. This man sees no boundaries, transitioning easily, adapting to his surroundings.

The Darwin leather backpack is designed for the modern explorer. Its tough leather blending into the outdoors and the high quality finish withstanding the harsh elements of nature.

The Darwin leather backpack, named after the English naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin. Born in 1809, he is best known for his contribution to his theory of evolution. The theory dictated that all species evolved from an earlier, simpler form and through a process of natural selection, evolution occurs.

Kurtis Paul Darwin Mens Leather Backpack

The Darwin leather backpack is the evolutionary successor of the former schoolboy bag. A better equipped, higher quality variation.

Kurtis Paul Mens Darwin Leather Backpack / Holdall
Kurtis Paul Mens Leather Backpack
Kurtis Paul Darwin Mens Leather Backpack with Manchester Pride

Additional information

Dimensions31 × 15 × 41 cm


Material Detail

Genuine, Top Grain Cow Leather
Nylon Fabric Inside Pocket
Brass Metal Work

Bag Type



2 Side Buckle Pockets
1 Front Buckle Pocket
1 Inside Zip Pocket
Drawstring and Flap Closure



11 reviews for Darwin – Leather Backpack

  1. Tim Ratcliffe

    A suitable all rounder, comfortable to wear

  2. James Allan

    This brand is absolutely amazing and very under rated, you guys do an excellent job and the products are top quality and timeless. Keep up the good work

  3. Scott Evans

    These leather bags are a hidden gem.

  4. Bhavin Shah

    The straps on the Darwin are great quality and comfortable

  5. Anthony Brennan

    Really impressed with this bag, definitely adds class when I’m out and about.

  6. Lewis Kent

    Love all the compartments! Keeps my bag very organised

  7. Simon Thompson

    Love the bag, the leather has a quality feel to it. I am quite a big guy so happy the straps are adjustable.

  8. Vincent Choy


  9. Adam Goldsmith

    Just like on the photos, KP in the woods, I have taken mine to the beach!!

  10. John Adams

    Practical, sophisticated and classy. Perfect for me!!

  11. Jessica Thornton

    bought this holdall as a present for my partner, he uses it for almost any occasion. Glad to say it was a successful buy

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