Protecting Your Leather Bag In The Cold

As much as we wish it wasn’t true summer has finally left us and the cold winter is approaching fast. If like me you are from the UK, this means dark nights, cold mornings and never ending rain. These conditions are not favourable to leather.

Extreme temperatures, hot or cold, can cause damage to the leather fibres. In particular the cold makes the fibres brittle, loosing their natural strength. The low temperatures can also cause the outer layers of the leather to crack. The effects of cold weather are very difficult to stop and the only way to be sure your bag is protected is not use it during extreme cold spells. If your bag is exposed to extremely cold weather be sure not to apply heat, allow your leather bag to sit at room temperature and adjust slowly. Never apply un-natural heat by using hair dryers.

Leather is a very forgiving natural material, whilst rain will generally cause no damage it is not advised to allow your bag to get excessively wet. Where possible, try keep your leather bag dry. If this is not possible dry your bag with a dry, soft cloth and allow the bag to dry naturally. Remove the water by blotting the fabric, scrubbing or rubbing will cause stress on the leather fibres and this is not advised. Remember not to use un-natural heat to speed up drying. The extreme heat from hair dryers and heaters can cause damage to the leather fibres.

Our final point comes to putting your bag on the ground. Many countries use salt to melt ice, this salt is extremely harmful to leather and will stain or weaken the fabric. We recommend that during period where salt is used your bag is kept off the ground.

If you damage your leather bag and want advise on how to best repair it please get in touch, our leather experts are happy to talk you through a solution. Get in touch.

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