The Release Of Canvas

To pre-empt the launch of our canvas collection we thought we would give you a sneak preview of what is to come.

As you can probably guess from the title, this new collection will be made from canvas material. But this isn’t any ordinary canvas, we have selected a 20oz plain weave fabric, bags of this kind are usually made from 13-18oz. The additional thickness gives the bags a luxurious feel, makes them harder wearing and creates a visually stunning finish.

The collection consists of three designs; the backpack, duffle bag and drawstring. Each designed with function and style in mind.


The backpack takes conventional style and gives it a modern twist. We started with the classic design rucksack and began by removing the side pockets. We wanted to de-clutter the design and inject a quirky sophistication. The front pocket was enlarged to counteract the clean sides and an overhanding top flap was added to create symmetry. A soft brown leather was carefully chosen to complement the luxury canvas and brushed brass fixtures were added finish off this classy design.

Kurtis Paul Mens Canvas Backpack / Rucksack in Overcast Grey
Kurtis Paul Mens Canvas Backpack, Rucksack in Cream


The duffle is one of the nations favourite bags but designs have grown tired and cheap. We have changed that.

For the duffle we wanted to create a stylish holdall, a bag which would complement the wearer. We removed all bulky pockets to create a clean design. Subtle style has been added through the use of bold, brushed brass fixtures, detachable handles and a sleek leather logo patch. An understated side pocket was added to give space for the most frequently used items but we kept its design simple so not to stand out too much. The inside has been kept clean and clutter free, allowing items to utilise the full space. A single, large pocket has been added to the inside to keep valuables separate from the main content. At the heart of this bag was the desire to create a holdall which would be comfortable in a variety of settings. In our 24/7 world routines between work and play are being more and more integrated. We wanted a bag which would be accepted whether it was in the office or gym. We believe we have succeeded.

Kurtis Paul Canvas Duffle, Gym, Weekend Bag in Cream
Kurtis Paul Mens Canvas Duffle, Weekend, Gym bag in Overcast Grey


We love the idea of a simple bag with large hold and single strap but found that the market is filled with lower end drawstring bags, the kind you get from your local sports shop. Our mission was to build a bag which had a much higher level of style.

Drawstring bags are usually made from nylon (thin synthetic plastic), keeping true to our identity we continued with the use of canvas. The bag has been styled in cylinder shape with a large opening at one end and a piece of cotton rope by which the bag is pulled closed. Such bags are predominantly used when items need to be carried easily and in one place. For example, the drawstring makes for a great beach bag. Towels, suncream, drinks and other items can be placed inside the large central hold. A bag with pockets would not add any benefit as it is better to keep these items together rather than keeping them organised. Understanding this need, we kept the inside clean from any pockets and added additional reinforcement to the bottom of the bag to ensure it could hold the weight.

The shoulder strap has been built from the same thick canvas and double layered to provide as much comfort as possible. Following the same design principles as the rest of the collection it was given the detachable brass clips and brown leather logo patch. To inject an additional layer of style a large KP logo has been printed on the front.

We are hoping to see a rise in the use of drawstring bags, their simple design gives them the versatility to adapt to many uses. We see this bag as the start of such revolution.

Kurtis Paul Mens Canvas Drawstring Beach Bag in Overcast Grey
Kurtis Paul Drawstring Bag. The perfect beach bag

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