Shave with a Cut Throat Razor


Mastering the art of the cut throat is one of mans greatest accomplishments, we will all admit there is something thrilling about using a naked blade to achieve that extra close shave. The cut throat method was the most established way of shaving until the 1950s when the safety razors got introduced. In recent years they have been making a come back and now they are almost an essential in ever male bathroom.

Using a cut throat razor can be a dangerous experience so beginners we would suggest you follow these simple steps below to ensure your shave is successful and you achieve the outcome you desire.


This is arguably the most important part of shaving whilst using a cut throat, good preparation can ensure a smooth and relaxing shave. Although there are many types of products out there we would advise that pre shave oil, shaving cream, post shave barm and a sharp blade are necessities. It is highly recommended to shave after a hot shower or apply a hot towel to the face and neck for a few minutes. By doing this you are opening up your pours, lifting the hair off your face and softening your brissels, this ensures that the dreaded pulling effect doesn’t occur.

For final preparation apply your choice of pre shave oil as this further softens the beard and it will reduce irritation throughout your shave. A well moisturized face doesn’t cut or become aggravated as easily.


We are all after that smooth and comfortable shave, we believe in order to achieve this the Lather applied to the face and neck needs to be nice and thick. To create the best lather I would suggest using a shaving brush and 2 small bowls, one slightly filled with warm water.

Leave the shaving brush in the bowl with warm water for several minutes, this will soften the brush. Once soft, take the brush out and get rid of any excess water. Apply a small amount of shaving cream to the end of brush and in the second bowl begin to mix, using a combined turning and churning effect. This will thicken the lather. As I said thicker the lather equals smoother the shave!

Once you are happy that the lather is nice and thick begin to apply to your face using small circular motions. By moving the brush in this way you are ensuring everywhere is covered.


Once your happy your face is covered begin to shave using slow, even stokes, ensuring you are shaving in the direction of your beards growth.

Many people struggle with the technique on how to hold there cut throat. The best way to hold your weapon of choice is at a 30 degree angle, anything more and your increasing the risk of cutting yourself, anything less of an angle and you won’t be cutting the hair effectively.

Whilst shaving stretch the skin to allow a smooth shaving surface, allowing the blade to glide over the skin. Never apply to much pressure, remember your skin is very delicate, simply let the blade do the work.


Push your upper lip downwards, this will create that smooth surface always shave downwards and make sure you use a slow and caring stroke.


You will need to draw your bottom lip up as much as possible to again create that smooth shaving surface.


When shaving your neck you will need to elevate your head back as much as possible. Again use short and slow strokes. Take extra care whilst shaving the neck as the skin can be more irritant and vulnerable to cuts.


For most people the one shave effect is enough. For people going for that baby bum look there is an additional technique to use. This method is called ‘across the grain’, firstly you will need to re-lather your face. Remember a hydrated face is the key to a successful and comfortable shave. Once re-lathered begin to shave across the grain, this means if your beard grows downwards, take your blade and shave left to right still stretching the skin and applying even slow strokes.


Once satisfied with your shave rinse your face with cold water or apply a cold towel to your face. This will close your pours and refresh the skin, stopping irritation and possible redness. To top off the perfect shave apply your choice of post shave barm to add extra moisture to your skin and another level of protection. The post shave barm will help to repair any damage that may have occurred during your shave.

Take a look in the mirror as it is now time to admire your work, a successful shave will leave you feeling clean. Not only that, you will be looking it too!!


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