What is a Modern Gentleman?

In recent times the term ‘modern gentleman’ seems to have taken over the fashion world. Men are increasingly concerned with how they are portrayed. According to Wikipedia the definition of the term ‘gentleman’ is “any man of good, courteous conduct”. Whilst I agree a gentleman should act in a polite and professional manner, I believe there are more attributes to being the modern gentleman. I will expand on this definition and add, what I believe, are additional traits of the 21st century gent.


I believe looking good and having pride in appearance is an important point. In recent times the male grooming industry has boomed, this is due to an increase in males caring more about how they are seen. A classy, well groomed look portrays self respectful. It demonstrates attention to detail and a desire to be at his best.


With a desire to be at his best the true gentleman spends time on self discovery. Learning to love one’s-self and feel comfortable in his own skin, regardless of height, weight or skin type. He understands that it is our individuality that defines us, he embraces what makes him unique.


The fashion industry has sky-rocketed and whilst constantly changing it can be hard to stay up to date with the latest innovations and styles. The modern gentleman doesn’t follow these trends. He embraces himself and his responsibility to stand firm when the rat race begins. He sticks to his own path, creating his own unique style, standing confident in his choice of attire.


Entrepreneurialism, this term is most commonly associated with wealth and fame. This is not the case. An entrepreneur is someone who sees an opportunity and is not scared of taking the leap. They see failures and setbacks as learning curves. The modern gentleman embraces life and doesn’t settle just because it is the easy option. They strive to be the best version of themselves, putting all they have in every walk of life. They understand setbacks happen and use them as the fuel for their fire.


He is confident, classy and motivated, whether travelling the world, launching a new business venture or sampling the latest grooming products. Above all else I believe the core ingredients are to be respectful, considerate and caring. Ensuring that whilst on his journey he has an understanding of how his actions affect others and considering these implications before action is taken.


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