Why We Love Canvas

Over the years canvas has taken many different forms. It is a hard wearing, durable material and is utilised when these characteristics are required. Some of the most common roles are in the creation of items such as tents, marquees and of course bags. Due to its sturdy nature at Kurtis Paul we truly love this material, let me expand on why.

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A bags purpose is to be practical. They assist us in making our lives easier, carrying our beloved items. When it comes to the fashion world many goods have been created for this sole purpose but not many are as versatile as canvas. Lets take a canvas duffle bag for example, predominantly designed for casual use but a well styled bag will not look out of place in the office. Dependant on the design and colouring I believe a canvas bag can accommodate in almost any occasion.


Canvas is known for being an extremely durable plain-woven fabric, hence the fact it is used in creating items where this asset is a must. Back in the 13th century canvas was the material used in strengthening wooden shields, further protecting warriors in battle. This outlines the pure strength and natural sturdiness of the material. It is the same today, a canvas bag is designed to sustain pressure. At Kurtis Paul we have created our canvas collection using thick 20oz canvas further contributing to the bags strength. A durable, hard wearing bag is practical, it also gives you the freedom of not having to worry about your bag ripping.


If you get your bag dirty the first though is ‘I’ve ruined it’ and with some materials that is the case. With canvas you will find it is fairly easy to remove surface stains. In addition canvas is naturally able to withstand a fair amount of exposure to water, meaning you don’t have to worry about the unpredictable weather. This protection makes canvas the perfect material for bags.

The reasons above are why we felt it was important to create our canvas collection. The material has proven itself to be the best in the business.


If you have any questions regarding this post or would like any further question on our canvas collection please leave a comment below.

Kurtis Paul Duffle Bag Holdall
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