What We Learnt By Asking 1000 Women About Men’s T-Shirts

Women’s minds are complex, mysterious things and the thought of asking 1000 of them for their opinions was quite frankly a daunting task. But we did it anyway, we took one for the team so we could bring you the latest fashion tips. We wanted to know what the other sex thinks about our t-shirts. How should they fit? What colour should we choose? Do we go with the O or give them the V’s?

  1. Sorry guys but your t-shirts don’t fit. 64% of women said they thought their partners t-shirt doesn’t fit right. Maybe it’s time to go shopping?
  2. Do you think your good in the bedroom? Apparently wearing black will make you seem more experienced.
  3. If you want to impress wear white, it makes us seem smarter.
  4. Ditch the designers. Women said the most important factors are having a t-shirt which is clean and fits well. 81% of women said brand was the least important factor.
  5. If you want to make a good impression on a first date keep it simple. 48% of women said they preferred their dates in a plain t-shirt and jeans. In close second was a t-shirt and blazer combo.
  6. Keep it casual. Only 5% of women said they like a man to wear a suit on the first date.
  7. Whilst a suit is not recommended on the first date they play their part in the long run. Wearing a suit increases your husband factor.
  8. Loose fit was the lowest scoring style. Choose either regular or slim fit. Regular fit is best used to portray intelligence and the husband factor. Slim fit portrays sex appeal and arrogance.
  9. Whilst long sleeves may have been fashionable 10 years ago, they aren’t no-a-days.
  10. The might O is a clear winner. O neck t-shirts are the favourite, sorry V necks.

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